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Our SympOsium includes eight FREE educational
sessions a broad range of important topics.

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10:15AM-11:15AM • Auditorium

Higher Education & Transition Programs

UK College and Career Studies Program and

WKU SAV-Y Program

This session is designed to inspire parents of and individuals with intellectual disabilities that secondary education is possible and can be a meaningful part of life.  Explore two programs in Kentucky that offer specialized programs for disabled students to acquire workplace skills and competencies while gaining academic knowledge in an inclusive environment. 


10:15AM-11:00AM • 163C

Independent Living Skills &

An Intro to the KEY Academy

Lindsay Jones and Crystal Smith,

Path Forward of Kentucky - KEY Academy

This session is designed to inspire individuals living with disabilities to develop and utilize skills that are necessary for independent living.  Also, get to know a local resource that offers a 2-year transitional program offered in a classroom setting led by exceptional instructors.

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12:00PM-12:45PM • Auditorium

Navigating the World of Waivers

Cameron Scharlow, LifeSkills, Inc. and

Kimberly Proctor, Barren River Area Development District (BRADD)

Do you every feel lost when it comes to the “world of waivers”?  You are not alone!  This session will try and break down some of the most confusing aspects of waivers and provide helpful knowledge so that you are more prepared to move forward.

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12:00PM-12:45PM • 163C

Understanding and Handling Stress

Abby O'Keefe,


This workshop will explore tips and tricks aimed at guardians for understanding stress, identifying negative stress triggers, and outlining best practices for
prioritizing their personal mental health. 


1:00PM-1:45PM • Auditorium

Beyond the Basics of IEPs: My Child Receives Services, Now What?

Annie Shirley,

Shirley Child Education Advocating Services

You know what an IEP is.  You’ve already conducted the meeting with the school and your child’s IEP is considered complete.  Now what?  How do I ensure my child’s IEP is followed?  How do I approach school administration if I know it’s not being followed?  What am I within my rights to do?  Get your answers to these questions and more when you attend this session.   


1:00PM-1:45PM • 163C

Seeking Social Relationships

Peyton Collins, 

Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex

Interpersonal relationships (friendships, dating, etc.) are an important aspect to a full and enriching life.  In this session, the presenter will walk individuals through the important steps of how to build appropriate relationships and keep them.


2:15PM-3:00PM • Auditorium

Special Needs Trusts

Brian K. Pack, JD,

Pack Law Firm P.S.C.

Join Brian K. Pack, JD as he dives deep into the topic of Special Needs Trusts.  Learn the basics about how to prepare for the future with your disabled loved one.  Explore how to get started and move towards the most important next steps in planning financially for what happens after you’re no longer able to care for your child or dependent.


2:15PM-3:00PM • 163C

Skills for Effective Self-Advocacy

Stacie Hutchison,

Green River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC)

Person-centered planning focuses on placing individuals at the heart of the planning process, fostering a collaborative environment that celebrates their unique strengths, preferences, and aspirations, while identifying current supports as well as future support needs to make dreams of the future a reality. This session will empower attendees to move away from traditional top-down approaches and embrace person-centered practices that prioritize the individual's goals and dreams. Participants will gain an overview of the principles and techniques that underpin person-centered planning, and walk away with tools that can be used to support person-centered planning for themselves and/or their loved ones. 

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